Introduction (Ep. 0.5 Transcript)

January 6, 2017
Hello and welcome to the Office Hours Podcast! My name is Grant Schwab and I've decided, like so many others, to start a podcast. If you're listening to this, you presumably know me - so hi friends - but if you don't: I am entering my last semester of undergrad at the University of Virginia and I'm sort of a sappy, sentimental guy. 

So, this show is called "Office Hours" and it's basically a bunch of conversations with me and different friends as a way to reflect and look back at the last 3 years of school. Most of the guests will also be in their last undergrad semester, and most will be from the University of Virginia.

The conversations figure to be about 45 minutes to an hour and a half each - and I hope - will be nice and casual. 

If you're wondering why you should listen to this podcast, then you are asking a great question! I imagine this show - to the extent that it does spread - will generally stay within a fairly small network of people. So really it's just another opportunity to get on board the sentimental train as undergrad comes to an end. (Maybe you will like listening to these conversations so you don't have to have them yourself.)

Alternatively, you might be an out-of-town friend or relative of a guest on the show. Maybe you're a grandparent, or you went to high school together, or maybe you're a secret admirer. This will be a great way to get a window into that person's life.

I hope to float out about an episode per week, and I apologize in advance for any technical difficulties. This is my first real foray into media production, so we'll all be learning every week. These episodes will be available on to start, and they will hopefully be on iTunes soon too.  Stay tuned for all sorts of techy updates if you plan to listen regularly. (Which I hope you do.)

To get on my soapbox for a moment, I want to talk for a moment on why I decided to start this. 

The first is, I mentioned already, as a way to get my own weekly dose of "sentimental."

The next reason is my own growing affinity for this medium. Many of my friends will laugh that I've really been taken with podcasting as a medium over the last year or so, listening to shows like This American Life, My Brother My Brother and Me, the TED Radio Hour, and more. I think they avoid the sensory and information bombardment common to most television programs. Instead, podcasts excel as a platform for storytelling because they let listeners feel connected. (I'll note that mimicry is a form of flattery, and this show is similar in format to my favorite podcast - The Nerdist Podcast, hosted by Chris Hardwick.

The third and final reason I'm starting this podcast is that I wanted a new personal challenge to keep me grounded and divert my attention away from the stresses of school that I so often get swept up in.

SO friends, stay tuned for more and thanks for listening! And as always, go Hoos.