Episode 17 - Me (Grant Schwab)

June 13, 2017

In a reversal-of-roles, episode 17 of the Office Hours podcast features me - Grant Schwab - as the guest! The wonderful Kerry Reichhardt had the idea months ago of getting my perspective on the last four years as a guest on the show, and she volunteered to host too. I had a great time doing this, and it was cool to sit on the other end of the program. In her intro to the episode, Kerry describes my (apparent) New Jersey accent for certain words and my propensity to talk high praise about people behind their backs. In the episode itself, we talk about facing uncertainty, my sort of weird desire for criticism, our shared love of Spongebob, each year of my college experience represented by a bagel, and much more. An enormous thanks to Kerry for doing this, since this was a great experience. I hope you enjoy / make sure to shout out Kerry for being an awesome host.


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