Episode 9 - Joy Fan & Sarah MacAdam

February 24, 2017

This episode features Joy Fan and Sarah MacAdam! Joy brought Sarah along to sit in on the show, so we got her on the horn too. Joy and Sarah are roommates, and they're also in the same sorority. Joy and I have been friends since early in our UVA days, and she's been a pal to share angst about relationships, about friendships, about our futures, etc. In this episode, we talk about Joy's relationship to dance, how Sarah and Joy both changed in college, about Joy's connection to everyone in my first-year dorm, study abroad experiences, style trends, Greek Life, and more.


Episode 8 - Marcus Liebowitz & Ty Saunders

February 20, 2017

This episode features Marcus Liebowitz and Ty Saunders! Marcus and Ty are UVA / Delta Sig alums who are two years out, but they were in town for the weekend and wanted to get on the pod. Marcus, if I'm not mistaken, is the first person I ever met at UVA. Marcus is an excited dude, very nice person, great Delta Sig. Ty is another role model Delta Sig for me. He always cared a lot about getting to know younger guys and was (/is) a role model for the great friendships he has within his pledge class. In this episode Marcus gives some dental advice and fun facts, we talk about our fraternity, the two share some thoughts on postgrad life and keeping up with friends, and more. Lightly edited, but heavily awesome.


Episode 7 - Drew Kiser & Elise Huppert

February 19, 2017

This episode features Drew Kiser and Elise Huppert! They're hilarious and smart and meeting them last semester has, without any doubt, made my year better. We even make waffles together sometimes! Drew and Elise both live on the Lawn, and they've been close friends since middle school. This time around we talk about their relationships to improv comedy, our experiences with the Lawn, balancing self-doubt with self-praise, parents, and more. It was a blast recording this, so just enjoy the crap out of this episode.


Episode 6 - Chris Schopper

February 13, 2017

This episode features Chris Schopper! Chris is a good friend of mine that I got to know (primarily) through Greens to Grounds. One of my favorite things about Chris is that he's a great listener. He wants to hear others' stories and perspectives, and he doesn't need to be the one driving any moment or conversation in his life. He also cooks a mean salmon. In this episode we talk about Kanye (again), we talk about his first year at UVA when he went out all the time, we get into how his thoughts on intimate social settings vs. group ones, we ponder the future, we talk about laughing in church, we talk about fainting in church, and we even talk about hip hop horns. Enjoy!


Episode 5 - Trevor Hinkle

February 10, 2017

IN THIS EPISODE, Trevor Hinkle stops by to chat. I've known Trevor since the spring of our first year at UVA since we both joined the same fraternity. He's a big lanky dude who is the butt of endless jokes in Delta Sig. That said, he's one of the guys in the fraternity I'm closest with and admire the most. He's a smart guy who's into most of the liberal nonsense I like, similar music taste, etc. In this episode, we talk about Delta Sig, Trevor's experience in the business school here, how he's become more critical since he got to UVA, comfort with uncertainty, and more.


BONUS - Raspy Ramble Hour with Zack Ackerman

February 7, 2017

Disclaimer for this episode: Just don't listen to it. It's an 80-minute long extravaganza of non-topical nothing-in-particular-ness. Nevertheless, this episode features one of my best friends, Zack Ackerman, who you probably have heard me and others allude to many times already. We planned to record an episode on Sunday, but when I woke up without a voice, we decided on the next best thing: an aimless conversation under the guise of a podcast. Some topics from this episode include: Red Light Management, our sky-rocketing listener base across the world, Kanye West, Greek Life, and the Super Bowl. For your own sake, do something else with your time.


Episode 4 - Tiffany Truong

February 3, 2017

This episode of the podcast features Tiffany Truong! As you'll hear us allude to on the show, Tiffany and I have known each other basically since day one at UVA. You'll also hear that she's been criticizing me and shrinking my head from that point onward. Tiffany's a caring, smart, and driven person and even though - or maybe even because - she's so critical of me, I consider her sorta like family. In this episode, we talk about change and moving on, how she emotes (or maybe doesn't emote), about how she really didn't like this place for a while, about how lucky we got with our friend group, and more.


Episode 3 - Kelsie Ponder

February 1, 2017

Episode 3 features Kelsie Ponder! She's a riot (she sometimes reminds me of Maria Bamford, for any comedy people who are listening) and she's part of the squad that lived in Shannon back in the day. Her and I have been close since the beginning of college and, even though I see her far less now, she's still one of my favorite people to be around. In this episode, we recount stories from first-year and talk about Kelsie's old nickname, Kelsie embarrassing herself (a lot), and the marriage pact that we have.


Episode 2 - Kerry Reichhardt

January 27, 2017

This episode of the Office Hours podcast features the incredible Kerry Reichhardt! There's so much good in every last cell of her heart, and she's really funny, and this episode was a blast to record. Some of the talking points for the episode include Pitbull, reusable cucumbers, and some more serious discussion about understanding who we are and where we've come since our first year at UVA.

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Episode 1 - Eli Maskin

January 6, 2017

Eli Maskin stops by as the guest for the first (!) official episode of the OH podcast. Eli is a smart/thoughtful/funny guy, and he's one of my best friends in the world. In this episode, we talk about the Grand Budapest Hotel, dorm life, a brilliant Snapchat spinoff, and Eli's original musical titled "Aporia" (which is really really cool). Give the episode a listen and give some feedback!